What makes FBT different than other brain-based approaches / methods / businesses?

What we are is what makes us different.

FBT is the realized mission of our founders’ passions to create, deliver and evolve cutting-edge solutions to a broad spectrum of human health, wellness and personal performance issues.

FBT unifies advanced perspectives in neuroscience approaches and our own original developments in functional neuroscience, advanced nutrition, food knowledge, movement integrations, and success partnering.

Few individual centers have both our rare view that models how the brain works and advanced nutrition knowledge under one roof. Fewer still, if any, offer the entirety of what we deliver. None have our proprietary patterns and integrations.

What truly separates FBT, and was one of the driving needs of both our founders, is that we can deliver premium solutions for an affordable fee and without hours of personal time investment each and every week.

We back our promise to help you with the only money back guarantee in the professional brain health service community. Such is our belief in your ability to succeed within your partnering with the very special people and the extraordinary approaches that is FBT.

How will FBT address my specific issue?

First and foremost, we focus on the unique brain – not the common label.

Unlike traditional therapies that rely on reducing each person down to fit into one diagnostic box or another, FBT and the Brain-Food-Movement Model look at each client’s unique brain and unique needs of your unique molecules.

Why is this different? Clients, both child and adult, come to FBT with diagnoses that range from ADHD, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, balance and movement disorders, anxiety, depression, vertigo, autism spectrum, lowered stress threshold, chronic pain syndromes, and more. Each client has been pigeon-holed with one or more diagnostic pegs.

FBT has ushered in the new breed of “brain training” – one that assesses your brain and body from a revolutionary perspective in order to determine the level and area(s) of weakness and strength. It is here, in the difference between the weak brain and the strong brain, that the beginning of our client’s solution becomes reality.

ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and other conditions each have manifestations that can be classic, where we see certain common features of brain, food, and movement. FBT understands these commonalities and, rather than stop there, uses them as the springboard to go even higher. Recognizing that any dysfunction or disease state can emerge from a combination of brain, food, and movement weaknesses, we do not focus on the specific issue as it presents – be it attention/distraction, poor organizational abilities, specific reading and/or comprehension issues, anger reactions, obstinate behavior, mood/emotional, obsessive compulsions, tics, and the list goes on. Instead, we go straight to the root causes of brain imbalance or, as we call it, dis-ease of balance. We don’t stop there.

By looking at the molecules of food we eat, the man-made molecules of preservatives and process, as well as the toxins of environment, allows for an even greater depth of discovery to the source of human performance deficiency.

You are not ADHD or learning disabled. You are not a label that needs changing. The source of your performance deficiency lies within the imbalanced function between a weak brain area and its stronger brain counterpoint area. It is in this uneven tug of war that the abilities you should have and the life that should be yours keeps breaking down when called upon.

Functional Brain Training will never treat your disorder. We don’t do “treatment” and gladly allow others to forge ahead in this pursuit. What we will do is find the dis-ease of balance within the brain, identifying the weak layer and strengthening it to the level of its counterpart, restoring equal power across. Where there is good balance there is good performance. Where there is extraordinary balance there is extraordinary performance. FBT progresses the client to globally strengthen the entire brain so that the challenges of daily living such as stress, study, reading, communication, video screen use, and even sports or exercise training cannot disturb the balance of a perfectly performing life!

What makes FBT the best choice?

The problem today is that professionals, even brain apps, globally strengthen the brain with these strong/weak imbalances still in place and either don’t find success or find initial success that eventually fails because the strengthened imbalance gets worse. FBT works so well because not only are we aware of this, but we also have the methods, the means, the ability and the knowledge to align the most unequal areas of the brain and, ultimately, strengthen the entire brain in achieving the strong-strong brain you have been truly seeking.

How do I get started?

To begin, give us a call to set up a consult to discuss if FBT is right for you. This is an opportunity to have your questions answered and there is no charge to find out and be sure of your decision. You can also send us an email or call directly to set up your initial assessment when you are ready to begin and become a success story!

How often are FBT sessions?

The majority of FBT clients have only two progression sessions per month.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Every client is different when it comes to results as every brain, body and DNA code is unique. The length of time varies depending on the severity of the strengths and weaknesses of the brain, how well the nutritional system is, etc. Client discipline and diligence are also factors. However, our clients tend to begin seeing results and noticeable improvements within the first few sessions.

We typically see clients two times per month, which many would consider a small amount of time. Most clients experience a major positive shift in their limited expression, dysfunction or disease state in three to four months. Many can see change within the first week or two, but expectations should be reasonably set.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently we do not accept insurance as we are a training method and not a diagnostic and therapeutic intervention. We have no desire to follow that path as we believe this is the future for so many.

What can I expect for pricing?

We pride ourselves in keeping our costs affordable. The cost of training and ultimately healing your brain is less than half the price of ordinary personal training for one month.