Who is a good candidate for FBT? Everyone with a brain of course!

diverse people - everyone's a candidate for fbt

The majority of our client base and focus of much of our work has been in the areas of ADD/ADHD, post-concussion syndromes, processing disorders, learning disabilities, memory, vertigo, movement disorders, behavioral issues (in conjunction with behavioral therapists), OCD, changes of consciousness/dementia, post-stroke, and TBI.

Additionally, we have recently included a mental health column to include S.A.D states (stress, anxiety, and depression) and even those afflicted with bipolarism. At FBT, we view the S.A.D. states on a spectrum of possibility. Amazing clinical and research-based knowledge show that the roots of vast areas of mental health begin in the gut-brain connection. Addressing, or healing this imbalance, and coupling it with the FBT weak brain-strong brain method can often seem like a miracle.


Our Process

From start to finish, our process is easy, painless, and quite often eye-opening.

assistant with child receiving brain training exercises over the computer

We begin by sending you our Brain-Food-Movement history form and nutritional assessment questionnaire. While simple and straightforward, we often hear “No one ever asked me some of these questions before!” At FBT we see this as a wonderful sign.

Once greeted by the technician at or before your appointment time, you will together move into a private area where you will connect with an FBT expert via an online experience. Our expert, who will have already reviewed your paperwork and begun building a foundational direction, will engage you in a shared dialogue of questions and answers. You are encouraged to ask questions, especially those questions which you feel have never been satisfactorily answered.

Assessments can include, but are not limited to:

  • Consultation and discussion based upon initial paperwork
  • Eye movement tests and assessment
  • Multiple tests of coordination and balance
  • Posture/Gate analysis
  • Bilateral blood pressures, pulse oxygen meter
  • Reflexes and muscle length/strength
  • Recommendation and delivery of food-first plan and possibly an initial supplementation plan, if justified
  • Specific introductory brain drive movements or exercises as identified for your unique case. We look for the distinct pattern that will immediately change the weak brain-strong brain disagreement. It is often a profound and obvious change, seeming like magic to many clients.

Progression Sessions
Most clients follow up every two weeks for reassessments, or as we like to call them, progression sessions. This means seeing your functional brain trainer only twice per month – an extraordinary difference between FBT and other brain health systems out there today.

Progression sessions include:

  • Discussion on changes to presenting issues, compliance and diet
  • Q&A as to exercise(s)/food/nutrition, expectation management, and any other matter
  • Reassessment to ensure initial brain-based imbalance was correctly identified
  • Determination of next progressive exercise
  • Continuing education, coaching and personal empowerment
Brain-Food-Movement Model

Brain-Food-Movement Model

The human capacity to experience life comes from the power of agreement within the brain and the ability of our molecules to act to their capacity.

At Functional Brain Training, we consider your restoration, your empowerment and your healing from the perspective of the Brain-Food-Movement Model.


FBT utilizes a rare hemispherical functional neuroscience model of the brain. This allows us to determine the difference in strength between its connected and associated areas. It is this difference that creates the disagreement within you, causing the problems you or a loved one suffers with today. The stronger the brain is in agreement, the more powerful it will become.


Most people are familiar with the phrase, “You are what you eat.” The truth is that we’ve become what we are not just because of what we have eaten, but because of what we have failed to eat. The science of food as medicine, paired with the philosophy of let medicine be your food is key for every vital life, not just the ones suffering from dysfunction and disease. Between our founders and expert functional medicine physician, FBT has over 70 years of premier knowledge on how food and nutrition impact your personal biochemistry for the greatest results.


Movement creates stimulation. The brain absolutely requires proper stimulation in order to function at its best. The brain evolved from and because of movement and we must therefore heal the brain with specific movement. Through very specific movements, our rare model delivers the right stimulation in the correct frequency, without exceeding a certain threshold, into one side, one area of the brain in order for the most profound results to manifest. FBT realizes that a brain, weakened by the disagreement between weak and strong areas within it, must NOT be given too much stimulation in the form of therapy and/or activities that will so often cause the brain to fail.

brain food model

Making sense of the model
Our brain is much like a spinning top. When the forces are equally generating from all sides, the top is fast, smooth, and balanced in its movement and performance. However, when the top becomes off-balanced, the stronger side will overpower the weaker and the performance begins to wobble until the system crashes. Essentially, the difference between its weakness and its strength determines its beautiful balance or its wobble and eventual failure to perform its action. Many brains, much like the top, find themselves wobbling and failing to perform in life in a vast variety of ways.

Today, our genes and molecules are immersed in an anti-evolutionary world. In other words, we are surrounded by things not made from the natural world such as processed foods, toxins, pollutants and decreased nutrients resulting from poor farming methods. Additionally, our brains are assaulted by anti-evolutionary stimulations such as hours of television viewing, smartphone usage, and massive demands video gaming places upon the brain.

Our brains, our bodies, our unique genetics, and our molecules are struggling to perform in today’s modern world. At Functional Brain Training, we realize that to build better, even greater lives, we need to build balance and eliminate disagreements between communicating areas within our brains.