Functional Brain Training is a revolutionary approach

that specifically identifies imbalances in brain function allowing simple yet highly specialized movements and exercises to be given that restore the brain to a balanced and even more powerful function. It is the model for bringing symmetry or alignment to a brain imbalanced by the pull between weak and strong areas of grey matter that makes you the human you are today.

The key to fixing the brain, restoring and enhancing function, lies in specifically identifying the weakest areas and the strongest areas of the brain. It’s the difference between these polarities, this misalignment in brain strength, that causes or leads to the physical expression of various conditions. It’s this pull that will make a life less than it can be.

The better the brain is balanced – left to right, back to front – the more optimally it functions. Differences are what create disagreement, especially in our brains. Disagreements between areas of the brain are what cause a lessening of the brain’s ability to function smoothly, powerfully and more optimally.

The closer in strength that similar areas in the brain are, the better that brain, and therefore that person, will perform in life. The performance (cognition [thinking], attention, learning, behavior, movement, balance, decision making, memory, chronic pain, etc.) depends upon which areas of the brain are involved. FBT allows these areas to be, finally, discovered.

FBT is a profoundly leading-edge perspective on how the food we eat, the balanced strength of our brain’s function, and the specific movement of the body can correct poor performance, enhance lowered function, and reverse ill health.